Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome To the "Try it Now" Blog

Welcome to Try it Now
Hi, I am Hasitha Aravinda from Sri Lanka. This is my second blog, which is completely dedicated for Computer Science Stuffs. I hope to share my knowledge, personal experience with you using this blog. 

Please Read my Blog posts and try it yourself. Let me know when you success or fail and give me your Feedback/suggestions (both good and bad ) . Those things will encourage me to blog new things.


Also Remember that I take no responsibility,  damage of your any physical devices or anything bad (e.g. crashes, loss of data, any damage) that may happen if you use the information or code in this Blog.

Don't afraid. I'll do my best to make sure bugs are fixed and that the content is as accurate as possible. In short, have some common sense and use this at your own risk.  :)

Happy Coding....

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