Sunday, September 21, 2014

ESB: Invoking secured backend - Part 3 - Username Token with BasicAuth

This post shows, how to invoke an UsernameToken secured backend ( Hosted in WSO2 AS ), using basic auth. For this we use POXSecurityHandler, (Which comes default with WSO2 Products) to convert the HTTP basic auth information into wsse:UsernameToken.

Setting up environment : 

Setup both WSO2 AS and WSO2 ESB as mentioned in previous post.

ESB Proxy
  • Create a proxy called EchoUTBasicProxy with following content. 

Testing Scenario
  • Enable Soap tracer on WSO2 AS.
  • Enable wire log in WSO2 ESB.
  • Invoke EchoUTBasicProxy  using SOAP UI. 
You can see, there is no username token in incoming message to backend. Instead you see basic auth header in outgoing message to backend from ESB.

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